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About Velocity Worldwide

We are a Brand Strategy and Full-service Marketing agency built to stimulate business growth.

Our premise is simple. Assemble a team of experts who have built global brands and have them apply their best practices to generate positive ROI for the businesses we work for. By working directly with the top decision makers, avoiding the usual sluggishness of corporate giants, we are free to create rapid results for clients.

A relationship with Velocity Worldwide is one of collaboration and trust. We know that by using a disciplined approach and by working together with management, the right answers emerge and can be quickly implemented with stunning results. We consider it an honor to serve our clients in building their businesses and achieving their goals.

After 15+ years as The James Group, a brand strategy agency helping hundreds of brands reinvent, reinvigorate and redefine themselves… we underwent our own transformation.

On Feb. 13, 2013, The James Group became Velocity Worldwide.
Why change? Because consumers have changed. They’ve changed how they get and interact with information. And–unless you control all possible channels of communication–you cannot effectively track how a customer engages with a brand. Our unique converged multi-channel digital platform allows Velocity Worldwide to publish influential content through all channels and measure precisely–in real time–how people interact with it.

It’s a revolutionary approach to modern day marketing as we now possess the unique ability to help companies and brands build business strategies around what matters most to their customers.

We're headquartered in the Flatiron District, NYC with offices in Belfast, Dublin and London and have clients throughout the United States and in Europe.

For further details, call us at 212-634-9383.