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Sales Moment Brand Positioning

Your target customer makes decisions in a blink. How are they doing it so fast?

Look into your own mind for the secret. Behind every decision you make, mental images display how you want things to be. You buy: when you see something that matches up with this movie of what you want. You pass: if it doesn't match the movie of unmet desires. This occurs all the time in business and your personal life.

To maximize marketing results, think about your customer. The Sales Moment is triggered when the movie of unmet needs playing in your target customer's mind matches the promise of your product.

Do you know your Sales Moment? Are you shouting it in your marketing materials? Most marketing campaigns fail because the Sales Moment wasn't clearly defined before designing materials.

The James Group clarifies your Sales Moment before creating any brand or advertising materials. Every company has a Sales Moment. We have developed an efficient process to identify your company's Ownable Sales Moment. Talk with a James Group brand guide today to learn more about how we do it.

Here are examples of Sales Moment Brand Positioning that tilt sales in our clients' favor.


Sales Moment:
Women seeing themselves in the world's cleanest garage.

What changed:
Stopped advertising at NASCAR, car shows, and going after men who were not the key decision maker in home improvement decisions. Became the undisputed market leader for Garage Organizing systems.

Transparent Value

Sales Moment:
Investors discovering the only company in the world that can answer how many widgets a company must sell to justify its stock price, with one click.

What changed:
Dramatically simplified the company's message and sales pitch. Attracting investment assets globally.

Apex Mills

Sales Moment:
The first company manufacturers call to determine which knit fabric to use in product development.

What changed:
Stopped competing as a commodity textile manufacturer and leveraged incredible knowledge as a textile consultant. Ended sales slide. Increased sales.


Sales Moment:
Boat and ship operators feeling they are completely covered for marine pollution accidents.

What changed:
Stopped competing on price. Fended off competition. Reversed sales slide and emerged as undisputed market leader with approximately 80% market share.

Ovation In-store

Sales Moment:
Brand marketers finding the secret weapon to create retail advantage for their brand.

What changed:
Stopped being perceived as a traditional display manufacturer. Increased sales.


Sales Moment:
Parent's seeking a fun, mind-challenging game for their child.

What changed:
Dropped strategy to diversify product line and focused on mind-challenging games. Broke through sales decline. Increased sales.

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