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A great logo design captures the essence of your brand and creates a powerful mental image in the mind of your target customer.

Every corporate identity or product logo should tell a unique story.

As a brand and logo design company, The James Group has over 10-years experience creating identity systems for companies that tell a brand story.

Does your company logo create a unique mental image in the mind of your target customer?

View Business to Business logos or Business to Consumer logos created by The James Group that increased sales for our clients.

 Business to Business logos
Apex Mills Apex Mills
Logo Story: The place to come for industrial knit fabrics.
Transparent valueTransparent value
Logo Story: The window to look through for stock price answers.
Logo Story: Where fashion companies come for
warehouse solutions.
Logo Story: Providing leadership to marine
companies for insurance.
Logo Story: Creating the next generation retail space.
 Business to Consumer Logos
Logo Story: Providing mind-challenging games
that makes you smile.
Clearlight MortgageClearlight Mortgage
Logo Story: Removes the fear from getting mortgage loan.
Logo Story: Don't call us, unless you are looking
for a high-end lawn care company.
Companions & HomemakersCompanions & Homemakers
Logo Story: We are the most experienced in-home
care provider for the elderly.
Logo Story: This is a fun place to go with friends .
Staten Island's Medical GroupStaten Island's Medical Group
Logo Story: Get us through the internet.
Soma SoupSoma Soup
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