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Websites (Examples below)

Websites are your office or showroom to the world, 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. They can be your hardest working marketing asset or your laziest.

The James Group's disciplined approach to professional website design and search engine optimization increases your sales.

The James Group's approach to website design insures two things:

  • The your brand message clearly tilts sales in your favor and the website is sticky.
  • Your website is optimized for search engines, so it can be easily found by Google, Yahoo, and MSN and you score high in organic searches.

In designing a website, The James Group implements the six best practices of on-site search engine optimization.

  • Create keyword reports to identify the priority list of key search terms.
  • Adjust website menus to reflect the prioritized list of search terms and include in well-written body copy to comply with website search standards.
  • Use image tags with key search terms to identify photos.
  • Include keywords in unique meta tags for each page (title tags, title content tags, description tags, and keyword tags).
  • Incorporate up-to-date copywrite meta tags for each page, distribution tags, and robots meta tags in the code to tell the search engines to spider each page.
  • Create three different kinds of site maps that are read uniquely by each major search engine: a Google optimized site map, a Yahoo optimized site map, and a human readable site map.

The James Group also implements the three best practices of off-site search engine optimization.

  • Submit site maps to key search engines.
  • Submit site and descriptions to as many directories as possible for links to your site (called backlinks by search engines).
  • Purchase low-cost backlinks or get backlinks for free to increase perceived popularity by the search engines.

Here are examples of websites designed by The James Group.

 Business to Business Campaigns

Ovation In-store

Sticky Idea

Cutting-edge case studies.

Vernon Computer Source

Sticky Idea

Choose your office adventure.


Sticky Idea

Detailed "How to start using EDI".


Sticky Idea

Interactive broker tools.

 Business to Consumer Websites

Clearlight Mortgage

Sticky Idea

Industry's First Mortgage Process Checklists

Companions & Homemakers

Sticky Idea

Actual letters from elderly care customers.

Silk Skin Laser

Sticky Idea

Five questions to ask before choosing a laser
hair removal center.

Teed and Brown

Sticky Idea

Lawn Care Tips and Seasonal Newsletter.

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